We are Shakecoma.

We're not as hipster as we seem.

We’re not quite as hipster as we seem.

When a Southern gentleman met a Northwestern gal the beginnings of Shakecoma began to take root. Luke (Shake Rag, TN) and Joelle (Tacoma, WA) met and married (thus Shakecoma) in St. Louis during their studies at Covenant Theological Seminary. With Luke’s studies nearly complete these two look forward to new hopes, expect surprising challenges, and pray for the humor and strength to bear it all. Read a little of their life, their loves, and their Lord.

Luke leads church worship, counsels CTS students, and is graduating in May 2013. For his comprehensive bio and resume click HERE.

Joelle (a ’11 grad) works with kiddos, snaps photos, and still reads a hearty theological document now and then amidst her love of good fiction. You can check out some of her work HERE.


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